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Palm Sunday and beginning of Holy Week

    Saturday, March 28 - 5:00 PM

    Sunday, March 29 - 8:15 and 10:45 AM


Maundy Thursday

    Thursday, April 2 - 7:00 PM Communion Service


Good Friday

    Friday, April 3 - 7:00 PM



  April 4 -  No worship service


Easter Sunday

    Sunday, April 5 - 8:15 and 10:45 AM

    Easter Breakfast served 7:45 to 10:30 AM



  • Mission of the Month: Lutheran Church Charities - Sponsor of Comfort Dog and Kare9 Ministries

    Mission of the Month: LUTHERAN CHURCH CHARITIES



    Pastor Ronal Moritz: Since I am a ‘Spiritual Advisor’ to the Executive Director and Board of LCC, I was asked to share highlights of this ministry inour newsletter. LCC is a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of the Missouri Synod. Our primary purpose is disaster relief and providing aid to struggling individuals and families. In 2006, LCC started the Comfort Dog ministry that has grown leaps and bounds under the blessing of God. Today there are over 80 highly trained golden retrievers placed in LCMS congregations in 16 states. The waiting list of partner churches grows each week. The dogs take about a year to train.


    LCC has also networked over 1000 trained volunteers for immediate response to sites of natural or man-made disasters.

    Our Executive Director, Tim Hetzner is also a highly trained “Crossways” teacher who makes his weekly classes on the Old & New Testaments available through the internet (see LCC web site for details).


    LCC funding comes primarily from an annual year end appeal called, ‘Remember us Last.’ This provides operational funds as well as funds for charitable distribution. We also are a trusted means for churches or individuals to fund home or foreign missions. Because all operational funds come through the annual appeal, mission funds operate on a ‘dollar in, dollar out’ basis.



    What is the Comfort Dog/Kare-9 Dog Ministry?

    This is a national ministry that utilizes the unique traits of Golden Retrievers as a bridge to bring the mercy, compassion,

    presence, and proclamation of Jesus Christ to those in our church and our community. The dog is trained to the level of a service dog (up to 3000 hours) is AKC certified and has passed the AKC Good Citizenship Test. The dog and its handlers receive ongoing and advanced training. Our dog would be dual-vested. The dog would wear the Kare-9 vest when working with military veterans and the Comfort Dog vest when working in other situations. The training is nearly identical, but the commands are slightly different. The dog can calm individuals, facilitate conversation, and work with special need individuals.

    How are we paying for the Comfort Dog/Kare-9 Dog Ministry?

    The funds for this ministry are from direct donations to the ministry as well as advanced funding from the St. Michael’s

    endowment fund (interest only). This fund is to pay back the fund as contributions come in from members as well as the


    What if I am fearful or allergic to dogs?

    This Golden Retriever is selected and highly trained to be calming and docile. The dog is leashed at all times and does not wander freely in the church. It is a working dog that will be away from the church the majority of the time.

    Where will the dog live?

    The dog will live with a designated caregiver along with a backup caregiver.

    Who will handle the dog?

    The dog will be handled by up to 6 handlers who will go through training as well as ongoing training and evaluation. The

    caregivers along with others in the household will also be trained.

    Where will the dog be used?

    Outreach opportunities can include:

    Fire and/or police department visits


    Homeless shelter/food pantries

    Nursing homes and senior centers

    Homebound individuals

    Bible studies


    Libraries - READ program

    VFW and American Legion

    VA Hospital

    Military Events

    Civic clubs and groups such as Rotary Club

    Coffee shops


    What about disaster response?

    The Comfort Dogs are only deployed if invited by a local congregation or organization. It is up to each individual church to respond or not depending on finances or availability. It is not mandatory but certainly a privilege to assist with providing comfort during and after a crisis. The requestor is never charged for expenses.

    What if I am interested in serving in this ministry?

    We would love to have you! There are many opportunities to serve in this ministry including the following:

    Caregiver home and backup caregiver home

    Handler (up to 6)

    Ministry helper

    Accompany handler to minister to others

    Write letters

    Responder to messages/inquiries (Facebook, e-mail, etc.)

    Grant writer


    Write thank you letters

    Social media manager




     Prayer Warrior


    When will our dog arrive?

    The dog will arrive at the end of April or the beginning of May.

    For more information please contact Dianne Williams at 952.221.6940.





  • Communications: Bulletin and Newsletter






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    3 22 2015

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  • Announcements



    Pastor Moritz has been an LCMS pastor for 39 years, including three years serving as an

    Intentional Interim Pastor of three congregations (400-1,400 members), each

    successfully completing the transition process resulting in the call of a pastor.

    His strengths include his leadership and plan to give structure to our transition, while

    allowing for flexibility. Congregational feedback sheets from his visit also identify him as

    balanced, level-headed, having a good sense of humor and relatable. He and his wife,

    Lorelle, currently reside in Michigan. They have three adult children and one grandchild.




  • Emergency Needs

    If you are experiencing an emergency need, please call the main number of the church: 952-831-5276. If the church is closed, a voice mail instruction will provide you with a number to call for immediate assistance.

  • Serving Others

    Support and Referral Ministry

    St. Michael's cares deeply for those who are experiencing personal issues or family needs, and desires greatly to provide assistance in any way we can.


    Jesus said: "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me"; and also: "Love your neighbor as yourself."


    St. Michael's church provides Christian support and professional referrals for those in need of assistance with depression, addiction, family conflict, senior care, and other personal and family crises; and also referrals of charitable organizations and outlets, and local agencies and resources for those in need of meals, groceries, clothing, transportation, shelter, and other family and individual care. Please call us and leave a message at 952-230-2038.  We look forward to returning your call.  You may also contact St. Michael's church direct at 952-831-5276.



     As a part of Lutheran Church Charities’ Comfort Dog Ministry. We are establishing a dedicated account titled “Comfort Dog Ministry” to receive gifts from members and friends of St. Michael’s. This on going fund will provide maintenance and food for the dog.



    We invite those who are grieving the loss of a loved one to join us Feb. 1 at 12:15.   Bring a bag lunch.  Suzanne Stoltenberg counselors will lead discussion, mutual support and prayer. Contact person JoAnn Cox, 952-929-1042.



    We are compiling a Veteran’s Roster of our membership.  Please sign the Veterans Roster Book in the tract rack.


  • Volunteer at St. Michael's


    NURSERY VOLUNTEERS: Serve once every 4-6 weeks during Sunday morning church service. Read, sing, and play with the children, help clean and organize. Passionate for the youngest members of our church? Please contact Amber Harlan at 952-454-2992 or email: amber.harlan@hotmail.com


    CROSSWALK and THE HUB: It takes a whole church to raise up a child strong in the love of Christ Jesus. Please see the Children, Youth and Young Adult page for more detailed information about our needs.


    COFFEE SERVERS: Four times per year. Please contact Cheryl Zahn at 952-831-5276 or email czahn@smlcb.org


    The Joy Garden: Located at St. Michael’s. Volunteers are needed to plant, weed, tend, harvest and deliver produce. This is a great activity for families. Come when you can. 100 percent of the produce goes to charity. Contact Roxy Consoer at rcknitter@aol.com or 612.875.0262.


    VEAP - Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People: Recently, suburban poverty levels have actually surpassed those in cities. Help with food distribution, transporta- tion and other needs in the community. Learn more at www.veapvolunteers.org or call 952-888-9616.


    St. Michael’s Cooks for Kids Meal Group: Serve a meal once a month at the Ronald McDonald House at Children’s Hospital. If you like to cook, bake or serve food, and love kids, contact Sandy Engel at sengel59@comcast.net. You can cook or bake from home or you can join them to serve. Men or women 18 or over.


    Meals on Wheels: Provide nutritious meals to seniors and disabled individuals. You can help by offering kitchen assistance or labeling and packing meals for delivery. Monday through Friday, 11:45 a.m. at Bloomington Meals, St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, 8400 France Ave. Contact: 952-835-1665 or bloomingtonmealsonwheels@yahoo.com.



    Mission Trip to Haiti: Join a team going to Haiti with Healing Haiti, Sept. 29 -Oct. 6. For more information, contact Tom Solberg at tomsolberg1@msn.com. Sign up through the end of June (late sign-up if space available).


    H.O.M.E. - Household & Outside Maintenance for the Elderly provides affordable services that help seniors continue to live independently. Volunteer to help with yard work, gardening, window washing, etc. To learn more visit www.seniorcommunity.org. To volunteer, contact v.anderson@seniorcommunity.org.


    Bethany Prison Ministry: Write letters and send Christian materials to those in prison. Contact LeRoy Dugan at leroydugan@gmail.com or 952-829-2427.


    Download the current St. Michael’s Volunteer/Service Opportunities


    Download the current St. Michael’s Ministry Gifts Inventory



  • Building and Office Hours

    Church building: Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m.- 9:00 p.m., Friday 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 pm.


    Church office: Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  • Pastoral Call Information

    March 26, 2015


    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


    The Call Committee, thanks to the prayers of devoted members and staff, has exciting news to share.


    We have reviewed and discussed the profiles of many extremely qualified LCMS pastors around the country, and have interviewed the ones we believe to be the best fit for us. And we have selected three pastoral candidates who we would be overjoyed to ask to “come and join us in our life and work.”


    These three candidates are now being presented to you with prayer and thanksgiving, so together we can prepare for a call vote.


    Enclosed is biographical information for each of these pastoral candidates, and we encourage you to give prayerful thought to which man God will choose as St. Michael’s next Senior Pastor. The Call Committee will provide three opportunities for open discussion and to answer your questions.


    Here is the schedule for the call process and a summary of the voting process.


    • March 29, 2015, Palm Sunday:  Announcement of Annual Voters’ Meeting on April 12 to issue Divine Call for Senior Pastor


    • Tuesday, April 7, 10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.: Open Forum Discussions led by Call Committee


    • Sunday, April 12, 9:30-­‐10:30 a.m.: Open Forum Discussion led by Call Committee in Worship Center between services


    • Sunday, April 12, 12 Noon: Call meeting convened by Parish Council Chair


    Noon-­‐1 p.m.: Prayer and open discussion / Q&A with Call Committee


    Approximately 1 p.m.: Initial “Call for Question/Vote” (to end discussion). Should the assembly wish to continue the pre-­‐vote discussion, the motion to vote will fail, and discussion will continue until the next “Call for Question/Vote” motion is made.


    At the conclusion of the discussion, a prayer for guidance will be offered and ballots distributed. A vote will be taken and ballots gathered for counting. St. Michael’s Constitution calls for a two-­‐thirds majority of voting members present for election.


    If no candidate receives the required two-­‐thirds majority, the pastoral candidate with the lowest number of votes is eliminated, and a second vote is taken.


    If neither candidate receives the required two-­‐thirds majority, the vote will be repeated until a candidate receives the required majority.


    9201 Normandale Boulevard, Bloomington, MN 55437

    Phone 952-­‐831-­‐5276 • Fax 952-­‐831-­‐5225 • E-­‐mail office@smlcb.org


    At that time, the Parish Council Chair will ask for a unanimous voice vote.


    A prayer of thanksgiving for the pastor-­‐elect will be offered and a phone call placed to advise him of his election to be our pastor-­‐elect.


    After the meeting, Call Documents will be finalized and signed for next-­‐day mailing.


    Please note:  Because we will meet during the noon dinner hour, you are asked to make provisions for eating prior to the meeting. Light refreshments will be available in the fellowship area, but no meal will be served at church. Please remember no food or drinks are allowed in the Worship Center.


    In Service of our Lord Jesus Christ,

    The Parish Council and Call Committee


    A few common questions have been brought to our attention, which we will answer here.


    1. Can I vote if I do not attend the meeting?

    No, St. Michael’s Constitution and bylaws do not permit absentee ballots. Article IA2b states that it is the duty of every voting member to attend the Voters’ Meetings, and failure to attend constitutes waiver of the right to vote.


    2. Who can vote?

    All confirmed members of the congregation or those who have entered the congregation as members by profession of faith are eligible to vote.


    3. Can the candidates visit us in advance, like they did when we called an intentional Interim Pastor? That is a question we all had!  It certainly worked under those circumstances, didn’t it?  As we learned, the calling of an Intentional Interim Pastor (IIP) is an entirely different process in the LCMS. IIPs are not called away from an existing congregation; they are not serving as called pastors at the time and essentially are interviewing for a job.

    Now, however, we are ready to make a divine call to a pastor, to our church and away from his existing congregation. In the LCMS, it is not proper to have a pastor fail to lead services at his own congregation to interview with another, unless he has actually been issued a call. We need to follow this protocol.

    But we on the Call Committee have vetted all of the candidates’ qualifications, positions on spiritual and leadership matters and so on, and we are glad to answer any questions you may have during the open forums.

    The Call Committee has reached unity about these candidates; that is, any one of them could be a wonderful pastor. But we will be glad to discuss our impressions and the unique characteristics of each one, so that you can be as informed as possible when you vote.


    4. How can I help us decide?

    Pray to our Lord and Savior, who has never failed us — and indeed has great plans for our future!


    St. Michael’s Pastoral Candidate Biographies

    April 2015


    Rev. Keith H. Grimm

    Birth date: July 11, 1965 in Shakopee, MN

    Education:  Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MDiv, 1991; Concordia, St. Paul BA, 1987

    Previous  Service:

    • Beautiful Savior Lutheran, LaVista, NE. Senior Pastor 2002-­‐present; Associate Pastor 1999-­‐2002. Congregation size:  2,375 Baptized / 1,825 Confirmed / 1,310 Average Attendance

    • St. Peter, Watertown, MN, 1991-­‐99

    • Vicarage at Trinity, Cape Girardeau, MO

    Family: Wife, Rachel and two children ages 18 & 20

    Current congregation web site:   www.bslcomaha.org


    Rev. Scott C. Malme

    Birth date: Aug. 17, 1964 in Crookston, MN

    Education: Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MDiv, 1991 / Master of Sacred Theology (STM), 1996; Concordia, St. Paul BA, 1987

    Previous  Service:

    • Pilgrim Lutheran, Green Bay, WI: Senior Pastor, 2001-­‐present. Congregation size: 1,900 Baptized / 1,390 Confirmed / 791 Average Attendance

    • St. Paul, Rockford, IL: Senior Pastor 1998-­‐2001; Associate Pastor 1992-­‐98

    • Vicarage at St. Paul, Norwood Park, Chicago, IL   Family: Wife, Christine and three children ages 16, 18 & 20

    Current congregation web site:    www.pilgrimluth.org


    Rev. Aaron M. Rosenau

     Birth date: Dec. 4, 1974 in Bloomington, IN

    Education: Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MDiv, 2002; Ball State, Muncie, IN; BS 1997 Architect

    Previous  Service:

    • Faith Lutheran, Appleton, WI, Associate Pastor 2010-­‐present; Congregation size: 4,000 Baptized / 1,100 Average  Attendance

    • Peace, Seymour, IN 2007-­‐2010

    • Our Shepherd, Indianapolis, IN Associate Pastor, 2002-­‐2007

    • Vicarage at Woodbury Lutheran, Woodbury, MN Family: Wife, Carolyn and four children ages 7, 10, 12 & 14

    Current congregation web site: www.faithfoxvalley.org